March 07, 2012

Amanda Clayton


'It's okay because I'm not working: Woman, 24, who just won $1MILLION lottery and bought a new home all cash is STILL collecting welfare


Steve Foley said...

From the story: "Local politicians are pushing for a change in the law that prevents lottery winners from still being able to claim state benefits"

So it seems that it is legal.

Honestly, who would turn down free money if offered?

Jahn said...

aND THIS MORning on WCRN we have a tale of THREE cities.

Worc. Mass again has another anniversary gathering of the Fatal fire on Florence St back in the 1900's and complete story of that fire is never told. What exactly does this annual gathering prove? Imagine if Downing St was closed back then how much the response time from Webster SQ fire station would have possibly been delayed?

San Jose Calif voters will vote to force new recruit FF'ers to increase their payment to 16% (or up to 16%) of their pay or take a reduced pension and pay in less to the pension plan. So much for the ole IAFF brotherhood ...HUH?? Mange' the young.

Pension payment costs for the city of sanJose have ballooned 3-4X in the recent past. WCRN said some pensions are at 90% of FF'er last paychecks. San Jose says its a question of being able to pay current employees who are workign vs. having to pay retired workers
who are not working up to 90'% of their final annual salary.

Haverhill MA firefighters say a fatal fire shouldnt have been fatal and blame the mayor b/c the rescue truck was not adeqautely staffed. The Mayor says No way Jose' and that there was a delay in calling the incident in to 911. One city and two different tales?

Jahn said...

When you cut through all the fog, the gov't is the one paying for the ticket and the gov't s/b the only one to benefit from it..............or...........any winnings are used to pay back the gov't bennies rec'd in the past.

I had always thought you couldnt receive welfare, etc if you had substantial assets, like a new house?

I heard an interesting idea on WRKO this morning. Sales Tax lottery tix sales and if ya win, the winnings are all tax free................state tax free I assume. Whaddya youse awl think about dat?