March 14, 2012

Capitol Insurance

Finally got through to them, the bond is good to the tune of $200,000!!!   That is nothing..  Shouldn' t someone somewhere made sure they has a multi million dollar bond???     People holding tickets better hope that the monies from sold tickets have in fact been deposited into Valley National Bank per their Operating Agreement.   

All payments are payable and/or deposited to a charter escrow account at Valley National Bank, 1455 Valley Road, 3rd Floor, Wayne, New Jersey 07470, Direct Air’s depository bank. Your payments are protected by a surety bond issued by Platte River Insurance Company of Wisconsin (the “Securer”).

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Jahn said...

Any person or business that I know of that is running low cash usually puts off paying certain insurance for as long as they can.

Y'all say a prayer to the patron saint of travel, St Christopher and maybe youse awl will git yore money back.