March 26, 2012

Andy Davis answer


Thank you for your email. I am always happy to discuss Worcester Regional Airport and to listen to ideas from the community. As for your email, I am not aware of the report you are referencing and suggest you contact the airline directly to clarify what you may have heard.

Please be assured though that Massport will continue to meet with airlines regarding service to ORH and share the market data that clearly depicts the breadth of support in Central Massachusetts for the airport.

Andy Davis
Worcester Regional Airport


Sprout said...

So, really no answer.

jose said...

of course he's not aware. did we expect anything else?

read these articles from last september.

Jahn said...

Market data that shows the breadth of support for ORH???

Mr Davis, I am sorry but i disagree. There maybe lots of fans here in the blogging community but I would hardly call breadth of support 3 (or is it 4) large commercial jetliner flights per week. That's 1/2 of a commercial jetliner fight per day.

I do realize that there is also a fair amt. general aviation, but we really need more large comm. jetliners to put ORH on the map.

TY, for promptly getting back to us bloggers.

jose said...

i think atleast 2 airliners would be enough. bring in the airliner you want the most, and give them the weekends, friday-monday, so people can get away for the weekend. let them fly to 2 or 3 destinations. bring in a 2nd airline to fly tuesday and thursday, and fly to to 1 or 2 destinations. also, i think a seasonal route to canada, toronto and montreal, would be popular during the winter months, espcially for those who like to go to canada or go see the bruins on the road. seasonal summer flights to the cape and islands. i know most, if not none of these ideas will ever be reality, im just thinking out loud, but Mr. davis did tell bill in his response to submit any ideas to him if he had any. i give bill permission to use any of mine if he likes them. :)