March 08, 2012

Pats Towing



Jahn said...


Linking into Facebook about Pats brought me a news story about Tufts Vet school opening a clinic at Worc Voke w/the stated intent to "serve needy animals". Y'all think any local Posse's or gangbangers will gettin' served up there. Can I git me a bullet removed here?

Article states that the new Voke clinic has rec'ed a freebie$319,000 in money and equipment to set up shop at Voke.

Dare I ask how anyone on here would feel if they were veternarians with a start up privately owned vet hospital in the area with similar start up cost and who then had to compete with the likes of a subsidized Tufts (allegedly a non profit operation) who rec'ed $319,000 in freebie start up costs. Is Tufts Vet services in Grafton really a Non profit and if so why all the freebies to them?

Wonder what Tufts rent is up at Voke? If less than fair market value, why should Worc taxpayers be subsidizing such an operation?

And to top it all off there is a pic of a vet checking the teeth of either a Greyhound or a Dobbie and here I am looking at $9,000+ for two teeth implants.

<<<<<<<< Needy and "looking to be served" Maybe I should try Tufts Dental school?

File under the continued DIF'ing, TIF'ing, and CDC'ing of Worcester businesses.

Anonymous said...

I still don't, and have never been able to find, what laws towing companies operate under. Specifically they take your car, and toss it in a private lot. What prevents you from taking your own car back? Does a towing company have hooks into the RMV system? I cant take my neighbors car and park it on my lot and say i am "holding" it. Why cant i take my own car back?

Jahn said...

Anon, I think they operate under the Mass. Dept of Public Utilities in the sense that their service is a transportion/common carrier operation for hire by the general public vs. say a an electric utility which is also governed by the DPU. The Dept may even set the rates they are allowed to charge. I am surprised the DPU has shown not up at their place of business and sniffed around.

One of their trucks probably displays the special DPU plate/tag in addition the the license plate. The one DPU tag would cover all their vehicles although it is only displayed one vehicle. At least that's how it operated years ago. I believe they have what are called DPU rights to tow and these rights cost money, similar in nature to say a taxi cab/hackney license which is issued by the city.

Maybe someone else is more current on how the DPU operates now.

Anonymous said...

Thats the interesting thing Jahn. The DPU does not regulate private towing. I cannot seem to find any laws that regulate someone having a vehicle towed because it is on private property. Only complaints which boil down to "file in small claims court to get your fee back".