March 12, 2012

Central Falls Rhode Island

Great story in the Washignton Post

Here is part

Ritz says the “Save Chocolateville” bar — honoring Central Falls’ nickname — recalls the tale of an American city that once thrived as a manufacturer, sank into decline and is trying to turn itself around. Proceeds will go to a yet-undecided program benefiting city children.

“Chocolateville to me represents the spirit of ingenuity, entrepreneurship, productivity, and — when that first mill building was created there — it was the heart of the community,” said Ritz, who heads the organization Leadership Rhode Island. The old Wheat chocolate factory that operated along the Blackstone River is pictured on the chocolate bar’s label........

“It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Central Falls is in trouble,” said Shotts. “To try to help the city, get it back to where it was, is a good thing. That’s why I’m doing it.”

The 3.5-ounce bars, which went on sale this month at a Whole Foods in Providence, cost $5, a portion of which goes to cover Shotts’ costs. More than 700 have been sold.Said Shotts: “We’re going to just keep making them and selling them


Receivership said...

MMMMMMMMMM.........Leadership Rhode Island.....HUH??

What are the odds that this just another touchy feely organization that comes up with assinine, penny ante, ineffective, and wasteful ideas to solve billion dollar problems. Probably not unlike Citizens Oil.

Wonder how much gubmint money is wasted on funding this organization? Selling a few 1,000 chocolate bars probably aint even going to pay the heat this warm winter for their headquaters

Again, this is all just speculation on part, but I can smell a taxpayer funded, money grubbing, "hey we're the good guys with good ideas" type organization that steals my taxes $$$$$$ to feel good about themselves.

Here's how u solve Central Falls problems....lock up the bad actors and no I am not a meanie, but you also gotta slice central Falls TOTAL employee compensation by maybe 1/3. That's how much most gubmint workers are overpaid in total including their life time health ins. and 30 yrs of drawing 80% defined benefit pensions.

Ya see 1/4 to 1/3 of govt. employees compensation is really welfare b/c if they did the same jobs in the private sector that's how much their TOTAL COMP package would be reduced. Full retiremnt bennies starting at 55 to 60 years will soon bankrupt Wormtown, too.

Jahn said...

I been thinking about this tow co. thing latley and may I ask what happpens if WPD calls tow co. for a police related tow or any city related tow and during the process or even after teh tow process cooler heads dont prevail and the "TOWEE" is somehow "INJURED" , "BULLIED, it physically, mentally, emotionally, etc.

Then 18 months later the City Clerk and city law dept are served with a tort complaint alleging gross negligence on the part of the city. OK the city will defend itself saying we couldnt cancel the contract, but even a 1st year law student would assert that the city took no measures to ensure that tow company employeees henceforth would be properly screened, vetted, outted, etc to at least try to ensure that tow employees behave rationally and be better trained to handle hostilities that can arise in the course of their work.

Bottomline it will proably be another "settled outta court" for a $120,000 hit to the city treasury with $40,000 going toward office overhead & non alcoholic bar dues.