March 04, 2012

Way 2 Go

For the past month, I have been getting e-mails non-stop from them.    First it started with their Family Ties Program ending and this would be your last opportunity to buy vouchers.    This seemed to go on for a couple weeks.

Then there was advertised specials of, I believe $79, that also lasted for weeks.  Now yesterday I go an e-mail about a new program "Way 2 Go".  The long and the short of it is members in "Way 2 Go" can book any available ticket for $179 round trip.      The only thing is you need to be a member, which costs $49.95 annually.

Based on all the problems I heard about the Family Ties program, I just can't recommend this.  Not to mention there is no guarantee they will be in business in 12 months?


Anonymous said...

ya try & sign up & join!!!
Ya can't

Jahn said...

I never prepay for anything ike this unless it's on a credit card.

Once again those venders who are looking for prepayment for goods or services to be provided at dates too far into the future are all too often having cash flow problems.

Prepaid Funeral services, fuel oil delivery, manufacturers warranties, 2nd party warranty companies (e.g. cars & appliances), etc. All too often these ventures have a habit of either no/poor performance of their future contractual obligations and/or bankruptcy.

Anonymous said...

Way 2 Go has been around for a few years. Just not as popular as Family Ties was.