March 13, 2012

Direct Air

From the Direct Air Website: Direct Air finds it necessary to suspend flight operation from Tuesday, March 13, 2012 until May 15, 2012. This decision was made to address operational matters. We are currently evaluating strategic alternatives for Direct Air. Direct Air is committed to our passengers, employees, and the communities we serve. Passengers holding reservations for Direct Air flights departing between Tuesday, March 13, 2012 and Tuesday, May 15, 2012 are directed to contact their credit card company to arrange for a refund. Please check back here for more details. Very Truly Yours, Direct Air

Note "passengers holding reservations", not holding vouchers or memberships.
Maybe Judy and Ed can borrow this sign and just replace the word Hummer with plane and stand out at the 290 exits at Kelly Square


Steve Foley said...

I think Direct Air has made a number of mistakes today.

Their policies disclaim liability for anything not caused by negligence on the part of Direct Air, and state that once you receive a refund, you waive any further action against them.

The problem here is that missing a fuel payment qualifies as negligence on their part. They are also not issuing refunds - they're making the customers go to their credit card company.

So whatever the Holy Cross baseball/softball teams spend to get home would be recoverable from Direct Air (or a claim with the bankruptcy trustee)

Jahn said...

Steve, i dont think that missing a payment of any kind is negligence. As bad as this entire DA situation is, I do not think it rises to negligence.

What I havent heard or read anywhere is that interestingly enough, isnt this time of year the start of semester break for colleges and just "co incidentally" happens to be When DA might be most flush w/cash collected weeks or months in advance and they now are unable to deliver service. Rest assured this fuel shut off has been festering for months with fuel vendors. Now they need mucho fuel to perform all the upcoing FL flights and cant buy it.

So what happens to the airplanes now? They sit parked in airports racking up parking/storage fees until they are "bailed out"....not unlike a towed car at the tow co. storage area?

Anonymous said...

Rest assured my friends there are 30+ employees in wva that probably wont have jobs so complain it up that ur spring break was interrupted...what about the employees that will have interrupted grocery store trips electric bills water bills ect and children to pay for

Jahn said...

Anon, what about my wallet and my obligations when I get my updated (increased) property tax bill soon. Do the taxpayers of Worc get any such sympathy when they cant meet their bills b/c the city is bankrupt, yet we still have to pay & pay & pay.

Ands I thot all folks in W VA. were either jobless hillbillies or coal miners or nascar drivers :)

And Clive this morning says Pats is req'd by teh contract to accept credit cards. Wow . I am really surprised to see this. Does Clive have it right? If so, right there are grounds to at least investigate a possible invalidation of the contract with the city.