November 17, 2009

Anonymous COmment

Want to make sure everyone see this to my post below that was e-mailed to me

Anonymous said...

This was the only time since Direct Air has been at the airport that passengers had to be bussed to Hartford. It does not happen a lot as was stated. Also, I just tried to book a flight around Xmas, and it looks like Direct Air has added many flights to the schedule! Great sign!


Jahn said...

Hey folks, I just read todays obits and I think we all should take note that today is the 2nd anniv. of the death of Harry T's son.

I am sure The death of a small child is always an especially trying time so I send out my thoughts to Harry T and his family on this day and I am sure other bloggers here do likewise.

It should also be mentioned that Paulie put together a huge fundraiser and benefit this past summer in memory of Harry's deceased son and a tidy sum was donated for Autism causes. I always say that real charity is done quietly, humbly, and without fanfare and Paulies efforts typify real and true charity.

So again a shout out to Harry and clan today and a tip of the hat to Paulie.

Bill Randell said...


well said


Anonymous said...

HI guys:

Yes, the Mrs and I just returned from a national autism conference in Florida late last night:

We cannot thank the blogging community enough, especially Bill & Paulie for allowing us to leave a legacy to our little guy.

Some cutting edge research is occurring in Boston & Austin,Tx and Gina and I met and sat down with both doctors doing the research. We will try to secure them some funding to continue their amazing research.

Thank you guys, you are THE BEST !!!

Harry T and Mrs Harry T
Worcester, MA


While we were away for 5 days, I bet all your site stats were waaaaaaaaay down... :-)

Paulie's Point of View said...

the sewer cap was left off the sewer a few times and Wee Will Woo Woo popped in on my blog..