November 17, 2009

Larry Johnson

Cincinnati coach Marvin Lewis said Monday the team would meet with Johnson, cut last week by the Chiefs, but added Johnson would be a backup to Cedric Benson if he signed on.


Jahn said...

Town of Auburn gets it. Just lowered their commercial tax rate from 1.54x the residential rate to 1.40x residential rate.

City of New London Ct does not get it. Take peoples life long homes via eminent domain for a promised, large commercial/residential complex on/near the New London waterfront....and what happens........the dev'er(s) take a hike after the city razes the entire older hood. Priceless. Now the city has destroyed tax paying residential structures and the land is owned by the city of New L so there's also no property revenue derived from the vacant city owned land.

Forget about the Big Belachecks would you feel if you were one of the relocated homeowners in New L. Ct. Some might be justified in taking to arms, IMO.

This is why I continue to say any minicipal incentives for private dev'ment s/b handed over long after the private dev'ment has come to fruition and been paying taxes for at least 5-10 years.

Now if this happened in Worc. with a private dev'er walking away from a commitment we would never have to worry as we have about 8-10 non -profit low income dev'ers who would be chomping at the bit to fill any empty parcels with more PINS housing & Pajama People housing.

David, do you have a good news for us on this superb Nov. morning? I am guessing Bill is thinking 45 days until it's adult beverage time? Iam wondering will thsiu be a low rent beer at the Pleasant Cafe or martini at the Worc Club?

Bill Randell said...


Good point on Auburn, you need to check out the new Polar facility just over the line. F----- huge!!!

Come on Jahn comparing eminent domain to TIF's??? Now that is a stretch!!


Jahn said...

Bill, I disagree...not a stretch at all.

Both are indicative of gov't inabilty when it comes to development. The notion of biuld it and they come only holds true in one line of gov't subsidized dev'ment....and you know what that is......low income housing....oops i forgot.....also true for group homes, too.

A Study was done a number of years ago re municipalities that subsidized new sports complexes. The conclusion was that every municiaplity basically took it in the chin financially over the long run. Berkley cant get City Sq off the ground after the city & Tim Murray gives them a $25M parking garage to keep labor peace.

Look no further then Worc's venture into The Centrum 30 years ago. A complete boondoogle financailly.

Jahn said...

Bill did you ever think that may be the new secret home of the Crowley Chronicle.........just over the line into Auburn? [g].

No I have not been in that area I aint seen it. May Be Mr Crowley is thinking that his Worc Southbridge St facility might be taken for a new Cargo Road interchange at Hope Avenue?

rakeback said...

The sad reality in life is that if you are talented enough people will continually overlook offensive and illegal behavior.

rakeback said...

It's sad, but if you are talented enough people are willing to overlook a lot of shortcomings, even illegal and immoral behavior.