October 10, 2009

78 Pleasant Street

Years ago the City of Worcester placed a huge block in the sidewalk as a basement for a sign to direct people to the airport. ign never came, although the base concrete sat there for years. This week it was taken away.


Jahn said...

Bill, may I change the subject?

Allegro Microsystems manufacturing plant in Worc will be phased out over the next 2-3 years. 190 'ees whacked. all as per T&G.

BTW, i dont blame the city for many/most of the closings we see going on.

Meanwhile we have city trash haulers finishing at 1130am daily and getting paid 8 hrs. The strikers works about 3 - 3/4 hr to 4hrs per day........the drivers about 5 hrs per day.......

Geeeeesh did Bacheldor threaten to privatize the city custodians or what??? They're holding a "candlelight VIGIL" b/c his privatley run custodail services co. doesnt conform to what the city custodians think it should in terms of cmpensation.........so just WTF do these custodians think they are.........FF'ers??

Whats next Kate Tommey organizing a vigil at the local charter school(s) b/c they dont live up to school dept standards......

I am telling ya the only way to straigtehn out thsi Wootown is to get to be independent of city labor....and the only way i see it happeneing is when the money runs out......a la Sprgfld, Chelsea, & Calif.

Anonymous said...

Blame Those MASSPORT Charlatains !!!!


Harry T