October 17, 2009

Ride Down 290

Noticed two things

  1. Big billboard for Green Airport
  2. Siemans Sign going up on Morgan Construction

Kind of speaks volumes about Worcester's commercial base?

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Jahn said...

I see 2 signs on 290 for Higgin Armory Museum. Talk about Worc. being stuck in the Middle/Dark ages. One signs cites a date of 1080 AD.

But today I must say I was happy to read that Worc may get 2 new charter schools. Great News IMo.
Q must fuming...LOL ....Blaming Konnie

Kate T must be fuming too , seeing as how her campaign is mostly bot & paid for by the school dept and it's hackarama.

Time to privatize the school custodains and caferteria workes?

Does anyone recall that 60's song called "The Mighty Quinn".
Well Qiunn is making headlines in Worc of late. Not a peep from the fire dept lately, but now Worc's finest are taking up the I am being short changed mantra.........."Come on with out...come on with in you aint seen nuttin' like the mighty Quinn".

And still no news on WPD payroll-gate and we're what 13-14 months into it?? Not even a progress report asked for from the Council. Must be waiting until after Nov elections??