October 18, 2009

Today's Telegram

Good story from Nemeth, Nick K and Diane K. As a Saint John's gard another great story on Charlie Bibaud. Got to say one of the better Sunday Telegrams in some time.

Tim is right, City of Worcester entire website has a nice new look.

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Jahn said...

I too am liking alot of what Mr Nemeth says today. FWIW, I am not Bill either. ( A denial w/o an accustion today)

Hey Bill it's a rainy day and I know you and Mr Nemeth should never meet on a rainy day ...just kidding.....!!!!!

Nick continues to raise concerns that all of us have (except Dwight). You know BTW........was Berkley given a "pass" on their real estate taxes back in 2005 with the stipulation that Demo would begin in march of 2006. I got to call up Tom in Fla and ask him

If so Methinks the Quinn brothers should look into all the lost tax revenue.

Wonder how much that has been pilfered during WPD Payroll gate would have been availbale to the Might Quinn? A question Nick didnt mention and an issue no one in the Lincoln Sq bunker has bothered to ask of late..how about the whole story of why there is less $$$ available to fund police???..or did he mmention it....I only read it rapido as I was in a rush to get to the Herald and my next cofffee.

Wonder if T&G is holding back a story on WPD payroll gate until Sunday Nov 1st. Kinda of a post Halloweenie Trick..like throwing Mr Smith's rotten tomatoes at his own house just after midnight Halloween [g].

Has WPD payroll gate come in any of these "townhall" meetings being held everywhere.

Hey .....where's my favotire Pickle Barrel friend, Bill C. this election season? Was it Rosalie who had a little spoof on him. Does bill maybe frequetn the newly "faceded" Suneys for his Friday F&C's now? I always liked Bill.........if he's not trying to mend fences, he's painting them [g]....truly an affable, likeable, friendly guy...