October 08, 2009

9 May Street

Wow-- what a story on WoMag!!

Before anyone says I have anything against Common Ground or any of the other CDC's, I do not!!! They have a valuable role to play in our community but we have invested way too much into these CDC's developing low to mod income housing. It needs to stop!!

We really need to look back and think about the variance we gave for this project. There is very little parking for these 46 units. Maybe we never should have given them the variance in the first place. By the way who did pay for the brand new sidewalk??? And how are the sewer betterments going to be paid?

I feel bad for Common Ground and the tenants having to deal with this, but maybe people will start finally asking questions about large variances to these high density low to mod income housing projects. If a person tried to develop this same project into high end condos, I doubt they would have gotten this variance, but would have most definately paid for any sidewalk and sewer repairs.

How many times has the City of Worcester dug up Main and Chandler Street the past 6 months in front of the Hadley?


Jahn said...

I was on Mason St and Dewey St this afternoon.

The Intitutional Linens site is an Eyesore and is owned by Worc Common Grd. Weed city on this site and has been all summer. Please note vegetation in excess of 12" is illegal in Worc, except if the city owns the property in which case the law doesnt apply. Note that vegetation is not defined so I guess 5 ft corn stalks are OK?

Worst part is the scuttle butt for years has had Worc Common Grd. ratting out private Landlords for minor infractions like unregistered cars.

Does anyone know how many units they have rented in This May St project? Dittos for Cambridge Hacker St and S Worc Neighborhood Center? City Builders site razed yet?

I wont tell you what I saw on Dewey St. today

I did notice Clark Univ got their brand new driveway ( a.k.a. Charlotte St all re done. Looks fantastic. The reason I call it their driveway is b/c for some odd reason the city completely rebuilt the street incuding re setting all the nice granite curbstone and installing aLL new concrete sidewalks..........funny part is goes from park Ave to Clark campus ...thsu the term new driveaway for Clark. Must be nice to have that kinda juice with city hall & DPW. Makes one feel nice when some property tax paying citizens have been trying to get there private St paved of 20+ years

Noah said...

Random thoughts on the topic.

a. If this was ever a private LandL the city council would be all over this. 5 to 6 months and still no resolution. Translation: Common Grd is waiting for the city to pony up the money to fix it.

b. T&G silence on this is deafening.

c. City buildings dept would have condemmed the entire buidling if this was a private LL

d. If I am one of the oterh city taxpayers who have been inundated with raw seeweraeg, I am sure as hell watching this very closely to see who pays for what.

e. This a prima Facia case for why u do not hire an ex city coucilor with what could best be described as little expertise in constr. and real estate to be the top dog at Worc Common Grd. As Carr would say, another nationwide search.

f. I am cryng a river of video games for poor Tim Niles.

g. Mr Patton and the city are working with the city to ermanently resovle the SOURCE of the problem
....HUH......the source is quite evident or am I overlooking something?

h. Does Mr Breault really have to get involved here? Did Mr Breault keep his sidewalk shoveled all last winter? When PIP close will Billy be relegated to the back of the Main South celebrity dept.

i.. "over the last few months I've been collecting cans and giving them to Timmy" says Mr. Binienda. Mr Binenda been scraping lately? Just give poor Timmy the daily stipend for travel into Boston and skip the cans. This is pathetic do-gooder posturing. Real charity is done behind the scenes and quietly. Must be a dues paying member of IAFF?

j. One tenant who is living in this May St low income housing says she spent $250 on newspapers the day Obama was elected......mmmmmmmm....I wonder what public subsidies, if any, this tenant receives...........priceless....!!!!!.

k. The question of whether tenants will receive any compensation from Worc Common Grd is still up in the air........HUH........evidentally Worc Common Grd has littel experince with the Worc County Housing Court and even less knowledge of ladlord tenant law. Like I said above........a nationwide search for talent always yields the cream of the crop

l. 3 strikes and you're out .....the Worc Common Grd Hattrick...

Editors Note said...

Correction that's Downing St in my 1st post. NOT CHARLOTTE.