October 12, 2009

Harbor Towers Garage

There is a $900 million project underway to turn this garage into a 900 million three huge towers. Walked by and checked out some of the literature. In total there will be 18 "affordable" units. In Worcester we would have had 18 "market" units.

I know comparing Boston to Worcester is unfair, but the private monies that are bing invested in the core of Boston is unreal. Meanwhile in Worcester there are only public subsidized projects in the urban core. Right now I can count two projects in the CARD districts:
  1. Piedmont Street
  2. Kilby Street

Projects on deck:

  1. City Builders--South Worcester
  2. Chevalier--Winn
  3. Old Trade School-- Winn
  4. Mason Street-Common Ground and partner
  5. 93 Grand Street-Main South CDC

We need to waive permitting fees and freeze assessed values for privately funded market housing.


Paulie's Point of View said...

Somerville expects 10% to be affordable

Jahn said...

Do we know how Cambridge Hacker St is farng. How many units sold or have they tried to go the rental route.

Also How many units empty at Worc Comm Grd's May St St project excluding those flooded oout. This is 100% rentals.......right?

Dittos for Hadley Building at Main and Madison which is also rentals?

Bill Randell said...


Cambridge/Hacker sold 2 or 3 units. I believe that they were trying to get a waiver to rent them since the initial grant monies were for owner occupancy. Evidently they did not get it since they are still for sale something like 60 K? Wonder how the three felt who bought in?

9 May Street, I believe is 100% rented, except the basement. If you were on rental assistance and could live in a brand new unit that costs $350 K to renovate, wouldn't you move there.

No idea about the Hadley, although I would think most are rented. The real question is will they rent the market rent units and the retail space. I highly doubt that.