October 28, 2009

Paulie's blog word for word

The Philadelphia Plan is really a very simple plan to initiate in WooTown and it will require some very simple things from it's citizens;
  1. have some pride....evah hear someone from Philly say they can't be Pittsburgh?
  2. support yer baseball team....even during lean times!elect officials who actually come up with idea's like the "real" Philadelphia Plan......leave the vendor and personal property leash law ideas to town officials from Weston, MA
  3. support yer hockey team.....even during lean times!
  4. start giving incentives to the productive.......it's okay to be good to those who create and contribute!
  5. begin to work together instead of fighting like the little fiefdoms of past.....Philly & Pittsburgh didn't re-create themselves by squabbling about pools for 22 months:>)

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