October 28, 2009

Undoing the dual property tax system

Think people all agree that we made a mistake in 1984 when we switched to the dual tax system. Instead of commercial and residential tax-payers working together to come up with an equitable rate, we pit one side against the other.

Are we the only municipality in the country to have a dual tax rate? No!!

Here is a better question. Has there EVER been a municipality that had a sual tax rate that switched back to a single rate?


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Jahn said...

I wonder who pushed the dual tax rate?

MY guess is municipal employees pushed it as a result of Proposition 2 1/2 which I think came into existence in 1981.

This is also about the time we as a city started needing more & more mothers milk from the Beacon Hill nipple and our Boston based mother is beyond her cash bearing/producing days........and as a result I am hearing right now on the radio that Uncle Deval is in town. Wonder if the Labrador puppie and his other lap dog TimMurr)are with him