October 19, 2009

Quinn Bill

Confused by some of the comments (Jahn).

My point is if you (the city of Worcester) says you will pay what is provided under the Quinn bill in a contract, you need to pay it. Plain and simple?? I am not saying it is right or wrong, but I am saying is that a signed contract trumps.

It so happens that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, who paid a portion of the Quin bill, changes their mind and stops, the City of Worcester is on the hook unless the signed contract has provisions for this condition. Since they do not (as far as I understand), they need to honor the contract.

Again, I am not picking sides. Two parties who sign a contract, each side needs to honor it. If during the terms of the contract, either party is not happy with a provision then they deal with it at the next contract. You can not contest during the term of the signed contract.

Can someone tell me who represented the City of Worcester during the last contract, who failed to address this possibility, while other cities and towns did?


Anonymous said...

Honor what contract?

No one has any idea what is in "the contract". For all we know the provisions are mutually exclusive, or maybe not even requiring the City to honor it when one of the signatories reneges. Extrapolating that, clearly provisions exist in that document that nullify obligations when a scenario occurs.

Really, who cares who negotiated it - I don't understand you're point.

Listening to the unions (commonly known to lack credibility) criticize the City about it makes it all that much more dubious that there is a legal obligation; using badgering and threats as a means to an end is self defeating.

The fact is Gemme made a serious mistake; any political capital he had up until now has been spent.

Anonymous said...

It's not a contract, the Quinn Bill is just that a Bill, a line item in the state budget, not legally enforceable.

Jahn said...

Do we know what the pertinent language is?

Jahn said...

I'll tell you have been on the fence about a ranking WPD officer now for over a year. I was on his side of the fence until this Rowhouse-Gate came along at which time i became more neutral. I had figured many who bash him on blogs were small time criminals, bad guys, those who couldnt get gun permits, those who are "known to us" types, and disguntled felloow WPD members.

Maybe there's a method to WPD's madness, but I think WPD has shot themselves in the foot.

This latest news relaease from WPD rally has me scratching my head as at least very lacking in professionalism.

I foresee some major fallout coming down the pike.

And in all the reading I have done on this WPD news relaease issue thsi monring, no where I have read of anyone mentioning WPD payroll-gate. Maybe I missed something somewhere??

Maybe the court is about to release it's findings in Re-dact-gate and WPD is about to get another black eye? Ditto's for the payroll-gate audit? MAybe 2 major hits coming down the pike for WPD?

Maybe someone's fate has privately already been cast in stone??

JSF said...

Is this a similar situation to the corrections officers picketing story by Diane W?

COs claim Sheriff breached their collective bargaining agreement, but they are being called out for not sitting back and taking.

Bill Randell said...

What I am trying to say is that I hope who negotiated the last contract that failed to address this possibility is not handling these negotiations...

Contracts were signed to be honored by both sides until the next contract.

Jahn said...

Did anyone see the remark made in Di's piece about CO's being hard working jobs. Come on now....!!!!!!! Why is it that public safety jobs are all too often deemed to require hard work (and also deemed dangerous).??

Hardest work any CO's ever did in their CO job is in Guy Glodis Boot Camp jogging up Sanatarium Hill with one of them carrying a flag and all of them chanting in unison in violation of W Boylstons 7:00am Noise ordinance.

Some people have no idea what "hard" jobs are. Many people should try a gig in a factory or on a constr site or a freight terminal.

Sitting & walking around all day watching over a bunch of drunken drivers and pot heads and cat burglars and oterh small time bad guys is hard work? Surely the commentator jests?