October 20, 2009



I believe Virginia Buckingham, ex Executive Director and CEO, still works for IMG. We are using them as our consultant in negotiations for the sale of ORH?

How about hiring a company like airport Jack Randal Poteet and Associates that specialize in airport valuations?


Anonymous said...

Bill...why don't u buy the T&G? You do such a great job reporting news!

Harry T


New WOrcester Bloggah on the scene...


Jahn said...

Mike Obrien claiming he always will stand by Chief Gemme. This is scarey stuff coming from our CEO about one of his subordinates. ALWAYS??? I hate to say thsi but for the first time ever, this makes me wonder about our manager.

Ever notice how many public safety depts are quick to claim credit when the crime statistics look good, yet not a peep when from them when crime stats are up.

And the part of Levys show I did hear on Tuesday, Worcester is being compared to other communities that arent exactly glowing examples of where people would like to live.

And it's claimed so many of Worc's finest live in the suburbs...wonder why.........I hear there's an entire village out in Paxton that's loaded with WPD folks.

Actions speak louder than words