October 22, 2009

78 Pleasant Street

The sign is back!!!

We rent is out for the day at $25 a pop. Bday wished, political endorsements, etc let me know.


signman said...


WOW WHAT A NICE SIGN!!!!! Why don't you put a picture of it up on this blog??

Sprout said...

Ditto signman!

Jahn said...

Just to show good faith and good intentions, why not (with city approval) offer to advertise ORH & Direct Air for free when there is unused time/space availbale on your sign.

Even flash the directions to the airport to replace the sign that was never erected that was supposed to show directions to the airport? Think of it as the Randell Farer Singage Program??

Even Reach out Nobert Zemeth and offer an ocassional flash touting the T&G....even when it's raining [g].

and when NOLA Fest 2010 is imminent.give ole Paulie Boy a flash ad.

Do I get any Sign Time for zensanine or is sensanine? (gratis)

Word verification "nowead".... (now[e] ad)....mmmmmm

David Z. said...

Off topic but IMO just as important, if not more important, a topic as Bill’s sign is.

A guy that I work with who lives in Providence attended the Ian Anderson concert a couple weeks back at the Hanover Theatre along with his girlfriend. It was the first time he had been at the Hanover. He absolutely could not stop raving about the Hanover and Worcester, too.

He is so impressed that he plans to go out to dinner this Saturday night in our fair city and then take in the Gregg Abate show at Gilrein’s to celebrate his girlfriend’s birthday! They both love to see live Jazz.

He had told her he would do anything she wanted for her birthday and she picked a night of dining and entertainment in Worcester! Imagine that!

David Z. said...

I was in Paulie's Hood yesterday and it looks like the new restaurant in the Hadley building is a go.

There is a sign in the corner window facing Chandler for Bones, BBQ and Blues. It appears that work has started or will commence very soon.

Niche Hospitality Group has a proven track record of success in Worcester. This is a big win for the Hadley building.

Jahn said...

David, I wanna get some Bones & BBQ......how large (# seats?) is this new restaurant and where do I park at 800pm on a Saturday night? Navigate Main & Madison intersection on foot at night.

Will RMV lot be available for parking? Fedl'l sq parking garage?

BTW i heard on radio that the city will be spending some bucks to upgrade/refurbish an exisitng parking garage. SO I ma thinking it cant any be Worc center blvd garage and cant be union Station as they both are very new. So it has to be Pearl-Elm which i heard is on rough shape? Please dont tell me it's Fed'l Sq garage that we're spending $ on as in more $$$$ (indirectly) for the Hand It Over Theatre.

I just hope thsi place (Bones BBQ) doesnt turn into a re-incarnatiion of the old Hotten Tote Lounge that was over on Austin St or worse, a re-make of the former Beautiful Downtown Bellmore.

The caller was complaining about upgrading parking garages that we may be selling off and/or leasing in the future.

Flashback to about 1998. The McDonalds that the city wouldnt grant a zoning change (or Variance or special permit) for back then has now mysterioulsy morphed into a venue for an even larger, full sit down restaurant vs a fast fod drive thru type restauarant? I wonder how the Hadley folks got any zoning considerations like at the very least a pass on parking req'ments. Moral of the story: Build intense land use low income housing in Worc and teh city & ZBA will give ya anything you want.

Is Gemme counting his chickens b4they're hatched......in re: to keeping college parties under control? Crime rates are down...&....it's b/c of the police dept.........crime goes back up and all of a sudden there are no police taking the hit for the increase in crime and/or talking to the media about crime stats.


It's a personnel issue so they cant talk about it right???? but Konnie's alleged Plate Gate is front and center on this nice Oct Friday morning..........unreal............Konnie being a city employee.......wouldnt the alleged plate gate also be a personnel issue?...i.e.......possibly not paying excise tax. Maybe teh Nissan Pathfinder is really stashed in Falmouth if it wasnt launched into Lake Quinsig down at Brownie Beach....very, very deep wates there....or taken to Sams and Crushed.

David Z. said...

Jahn said, "David, I wanna get some Bones & BBQ......how large (# seats?) is this new restaurant and where do I park at 800pm on a Saturday night? Navigate Main & Madison intersection on foot at night."

Why is that Worcesterites (especially natives) feel it’s their God-given right to have parking right at the door of everything that opens in this city. That right, this is a city! We all bemoan that there is no pedestrian activity on our streets but when we start having a semblance of true urban density, we decry the lack of parking.

I could find plenty of parking nearby and then I’ll do what I love to see, people actually walking around our sidewalks!

Jahn said...

David, David, David my fine feathered amigo. Couple days ago I trash Levy as a radio talk show host and you morph my comment into an anti Local radio issue. My issue was Levy not a local basaed talk radio.

Now I ask where do I park for a Bones & BBQ chowdown and I am deemed not wanting to walk a few hundrerd yards from a parking spot to my dining venue. Please..!!!. I have no issues with walking 5 mins from a parking space. I just have to drop off my woman at the Main & Madison Bones & BBQ b/c she'll be wearing 5" stillettos and cant walk that kinda distance. [g]

So inquiring minds want to know where do I park? 2 options that come to mind are teh rMV lot which is fine if it's availbale. Fed'l Sq garage is also fine, I just hope that a successful Hand It Over Theatre show doesnt take all the availbale Fed'l Sq spaces?

BTW, how's the that Hand It Over Theatre Restaurant coming along....anyone know....Bill..??? I assume it's constr. in progress.

I wouldnt exactly call the crowd that chills at the corner of Main & Madison the kind of urban density that Worc needs. Ditto's for densely built low income housing. We did try to get some "market rate urban density" in that area back in early 90's...a.k.a. the Towerign White Pinnacle....but that place ended up loaded with too many "vouchers only people". God even the welfare office had to vacate the old Brocklemens Market site. Dittos' for Sallys Army.

I forgot, I guess one could park at library lot......right?

What other venues does this Niche Hospitality operate locally?

Anonymous said...

i will be happy to pay you $50 for the sign on Monday. I want the sign to simply read: Bill = Jahn

Anonymous said...

Here you go, Jahn...


Harry T

Bill Randell said...


Are you me?


jahn said...

Anonymous isnt even worthy of a response on this issue of Jahn=Bill.....but I'll respond anyway.

Too many anonymouses = too many Hyde & Jekyls.....and just to make a point....I'll tell you that I was 100% in favor of the referendum question last Nov. to let supermarkets sell wine......which question was defeated.

I also think an airport access road should go right off or 290 at hope avenue......bill is 100% opposed to this............but only b/c he feels it politiically impossible which is prob. right.

We've had other diff's too which I cant recall.

So you want to see my medical records too....from when I was in Bloggger re-hab last summer?........geeeesh.

Hey maybe anonymous is the mighty Q....????

I am beginning to wonder what really happened to Konnies Pathfinder? Did anyone axe her this question at the mayoral debates?? Maybe the Pathfinder went the way of the Wayfarer Program ??

BTW what ever happened to airport name change to Boston Worc Metro Airport? Bill...???

Anonymous said...

Jahn cannot = Bill.
Because Jahn can write coherently.

Jahn said...

And I can definately spell definitely correctly .......b/c I got into both St Jahn's and Assumption Prep [g].....but ended up as a "public" b/c at Assumption ...2 strikes and you're out....... so much for playing jokes on others with dead labratory criiters [g] :(

Imagine that Anonymous....I went to Worc public schools so using your logic I cant be a ray-cyst.....right........