October 13, 2009

One Bum

I remember when right behind Faneuil Hall there was the Route 93 overpass and the Long Wharf Marriott seemed a hundred miles away. The Big Dig took that down and put the road underground opening up the whole area and realling bringing Faneuil Hall together with the North End.. It is incredible what they have done down there.

As I mentioned before I was amazed as to how many families there living. It really is nice and must be a great lifestyle.
I did, however, see one bum passed out. Don't worry I gave him a few bucks and told him that Pajama People are welcomed with open arms and that the housing opportunities were much better for a person with no income in Worcester. Also told him not to settle for anything but new construction and warned him not to take any basement apartments.


Anonymous said...

Bill...is that a picture of Paulie after a run???


Harry T

Jahn said...

I am wondering, with Nat'l health ins looking more & more like a done deal, even though I am 110% opposed.........

If the city spends $80M ( assumed amt.) per year on employee and retiree health ins than come 2013 Obama Care will negate the need for the city to pay health ins...........can I then expect a $60M drop in the city expenses and a commensurate drop of $60M in total assessed property taxes..........this must be the property tax cut that Deval was campaigning on a few yearsa agO?

Anonymous said...

How do you know that was a bum and not a college kid?

jahn said...

You know I hope I am not speaking too soon but a rite of passage here in Worc each Autunm and Spring is traditionally a college kids gone wild drinking/partying week end complete with scores of police called, T&G stories, and the likes of a Councilor Mike(Not)Germaine complaining about drunken college kids. (Let not the kettle call the pot black). MAybe some drunken HC kid will fall off the roof of a dorm and qualify for a 136,000 annual disabilty stipend??

So Columbus day weekend has come & gone........and no wild college parties or at least not any that got notoriety. So are we over due for our annual rite of Autumn here in Wootown?

Paulie's Point of View said...

there is a resemblence to John 'Bluto' Blutarsky.....been 31 years since the classic "Animal House" was released..boy is time flying by folks!