October 05, 2009

September Tax Collections

Fall short by some 243 million dollars. Click here


JSF said...

The article in the Boston Globe tells the answer:

"Retailers had warned that taxes would not come in as high as projected, in part because residents would flee to sales-tax-free New Hampshire."

Bill Randell said...

The latest tax on alcohol sales will not work either. Although it will add to the coffers from places like Worcester. Overall it will be a net loss.

We are going to lose a ton of sales to New Hampshire, but we not only lose the sales tax but the other underlying taxes on alcohol that we will not collect. Alot of people also do not realize how many people came up from Ct and RI to buy alcohol and now they will not.

Every month we will not meet projections.

Anonymous said...

Made a choice Saturday. Needed to buy new computer (Apple Store). I could drive 45 minutes to Natick or 60 minutes to Salem, NH. Decided to save $106 and added the extra 15 minutes.

Jahn said...

For the record the tires I was going to buy in Cow Hampshire last summer never materialized. I am ashamed to admit I had to buy em in Mass. in August at 6.25 % even though I was at Beech Hill In Cow Hampshire getting my blogging de-tox.