October 27, 2009

Council Tonight

Request City Manager review the Philadelphia Plan and soon provide a recommendation to the City Council on what legal and legislative steps must be taken to implement it in the City of Worcester. The highly successful Philadelphia Plan allows residents and business owners the opportunity to apply for an abatement that freezes for a decade real estate taxes on new industrial and commercial construction, as well as on renovations to deteriorated properties. (Rosen, Clancy)


signman said...

Sad to see Gary leave.... he is one of the good ones that listens....

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Philadelphia... GO PHILLIES !!!!

Harry T

Jahn said...

Do I have to be a resident AND a business Owner to apply?

Does it apply to residences or just comm. properties or both?

What is frozen, the tax rate, teh tax assessment, and/or the dollaaah amt of the tax.

So if I own exisitng comm. property that is not in need of an upgrade, I basically end up subsidizing new construction b/c my taxes will have to go up more than they ordinarily would b/c I now have to pick up some of the taxes that the new constr will not be paying???????

Just a back door tax cut for some businesses, IMO. Should Commercial and residentail rates have complete parity...absolutely.

I'll go back to my worn out analogy. I am tooling down the interstate and need a food fix. I see a sign for McD's $.99 cheeseburger (and Immediatley think of Harry [g]), so I jump off the highway at the next cloverleaf. I enter McD's and tell teh kid I want a $.99 cheeseburger. Kid then tells me that b/c I own my own businss my cheeseburger will $1.99...double the price. Absolute insanity but if it gets ya elected..???? In fact, I think it's called discrimination and it's illegal unless you're a municipality taxing authority.

Sorry Mr. WR, Jr. but this is a bad idea and the timing couldnt be worse.

What are the chances that new Philly Cheese Steak outlets would have opened w/o re the the fact that they got pass on some or all of their taxes. I.e....how do we know there there's is or was a nexus between reduced taxes and new constr.

And........speaking of elections and politicians..........23 letters to the editor this morning (10-28) from people endorsing their favorite politicain. What a waste of ink & trees. I wonder to myself how many of those writers actually live in Worcester. Why would someone from Holden or Shrewsbury or Paxton care who gets elected here in PINS-Ville (01609)..their job maybe depends on certain folks being elected to city council????........couldnt help but Notice that Ms. Haller got quite a few endorsements.