October 11, 2009

People make the city

Spending the week-end at the Long Wharf Marriott--Paul keeps telling me I need to get out of the City of Worcester. Ironically he happens to be in Charlestown.

Everyone knows about Faneuil Hall, but over the past couple of days I have found out how much the Back Bay/North End has changed. You can not believe the number of young families, walking their dogs spending their day hanging out at Christopher Columbus Park. Actually I am sitting here on the free wifi watching Vangella on the playground, waiting for the concert and parade (Joe's Grille in background).

You can build a pocket park, build a skating rink on the common, build a brand new pool on Crompton Park, pass street vendor ordinance but nothing will change in Worcester for the better until we get quality people (with income) that want to live in Worcester. The answer is not in low to mod income housing.

Councilor Rosen the playground and sidewalks in the park seem to be the rubber that I have heard you mention many times.

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