October 05, 2009

Glenn Beck

He was at Barnes and Noble the other day and I drove by to have a buy a signed book, but the line was way too long. The police estimated there were some 500 people there with the line starting at to form at 6AM for the 4PM signing.

In the story by Telegram, it was reported that one anonymous person in line told the reporter "predicted the story in today's paper would focus on the six people protesting on Lincoln Street at the entrance to the shopping area instead of the people waiting in the rain to have Mr. Beck sign his book for them.. "

Ironically he was right the story does seem to pay way to much attention to 6 protesters, that I did not even see, while 500 plus are waiting in line. Maybe it is biased reporting like this that has caused people not to pick up the Telegram??


Anonymous said...

Time for a little controversy... let's get our own debate going... JAHN vs. Paulie.

Allow me to enter the following article:

Oct 6, 2009

Firefighters endorse Capuano


WORCESTER — U.S. Rep. Michael Capuano, D-Somerville, accepted the endorsement of the Professional Firefighters of Massachusetts yesterday at the memorial site of the 1999 Worcester Cold Storage and Warehouse fire.

The endorsement from the 12,000-member union comes as a scramble is under way for labor support among four Democrats running for U.S. Senate that has picked up steam in the early going.

Mr. Capuano said in terms of the number of union members represented by the unions that have endorsed him, he believes he is leading in the labor column, although Attorney General Martha Coakley has picked up more individual labor endorsements during the first two weeks of the campaign.

Mr. Capuano said he is hoping his background leading Somerville, where he was mayor for nine years, will help him make inroads outside of Boston. “Worcester is a lot like Somerville,” he said.

“You have a lot of working-class people struggling to make ends meet,” he said.

He said part of the challenge facing the candidates for Senate in the 10-week campaign before the Dec. 8 primary is making inroads in cities and towns outside the Boston media market. So far, he said, he has been to the Worcester area.

Union President Robert B. McCarthy said Mr. Capuano has supported firefighters for two decades in elected office. Most recently, he said, he helped the International Association of Fire Fighters in drafting and passing a change to federal law that makes it easier to use federal grant money to hire laid-off firefighters, replace positions lost to attrition and apply federal funds to overtime.

Let the debate, BEGIN !!!!! Each side has 2 minutes to make their points...

Harry T

Jahn said...

From what I read in the papers, the Boston FF'ers are biggest collection of whiners to come down the pike in years.

They are the embodiment of what a good employee should not be. They are spoiled rotten. They wouldnt make it to the first payday in a real private sector job.

Their chest thumping, their pompous arrogatn, attitude and their over the top notion that they are somehow some kind of Heroes is an affront to those of us who pay taxes to fund their wages and to those of us who actually have keep our eyes open whilst on the time clock

Get em off their collective asses and let them work DPW types jobs at DPW wages while awaititng the next big emergency at which time they will earn FF'er wages. No more emergency medical calls......that what ambulances are for...and if we need more ambulanecs ,lets get em out there.

For 101st time, FF'ers are nowhere near the dangerous jobs that they would have us believe. Botton line, No one brings their son or their nephew or thier brother to a line of work that is truly dangerous. The workplace statistics do not lie. want a dangerous job............try a commecial fishing boat or truck driving.