October 12, 2009

Chandler Business Group

Paulie lives and works right on Chandler Street. We need more people like Paul in the area. Over the past several months, he has had many problems with neighbors as documented on his blog.

The other night after more trash was thrown in the planters that we put on the street, why buy city bags and Paul told them about it. Check this out. Makes you want to move there huh? The City Manager's office is well aware of these problems and lets hope they do something to assist good people like Paul and we somehow make our urban core a place people want to live, work and bring up a family.

Not a place to move from?

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Jahn said...

MAy I ask how many diff. groups & organizations we have marketing Worc and wouldn't just one group suffice.

Too many chefs in the kitchen is a prescription for Diaster.

I figure we have about 6 to 8 Non profit housing groups that are doing a fantastic job of marketing our over abundance of low income housing to anyone who has a vouvher....as in "Housing Vouchers Encouraged"

Too bad the C of C, the Visitors Bureau, etc werent as succesful as our non-profit housing industry is in bringing in more Pajama People to play Pac Man all day or people buy $250 worth of newspapers on one day.......priceless...mindless