October 28, 2009

Chamber of Commerce

Where is the Chamber of Commerce???? When was the last time anyone has heard anything from them?? Seriously anyone, who reads this blog, are you a member of the Chamber of Commerce???

In Boston do you have any idea how strong the Chamber of Commerce is? Or for that matter any of the Chambers that surround the City of Worcester, It is, however, tax classification time so we should be getting the annual letter to the Telegram, appearances on the local radio shows and a cameo at the City Council until the same time next year.

Our current Chamber focuses on entertainment:
  • business after hours
  • recruitment of sport teams
  • tv shows

Where were they on:

  • the FOG ordinance, grease trap issue
  • bedroom hook-up fees for builders
  • parking over lay districts
  • facade program outside the NRSA districts

I don't know if any tax monies go towards the Chamber, although I bet we do, but we should consider to stop funding them.


Anonymous said...

Great point, Bill ...

BTW, the Super 88 which was suppossed to move into the old Bancroft nissan dealership downtown, is in bankrupcy...


Harry T

Sprout said...

The only time I ever hear anything about the Chamber is when they call for their annual membership drive, and coincidentally, I think I saw they were doing business after hours today at the DCU mentioned in the T&G.

Paulie's Point of View said...

I am a member of the Somerville, Harwich and Hyannis chambers and they are on top of everything local....from grassroots to the big stuff...

Jahn said...

Guys shouldnt we be keeping our eye on the ball(s) that we already have in court...

So..............OK Halloween fast approaches & Back in Aug I read that CM MOB said and I paraphrase....City Sq will have a ceremonial ground breaking in Sept and as I said here before this was to be "A" ceremonail ground breaking..NOT "THE" ground breaking ceremony. The wording seemed odd to me and now I know why

OK the economy is bad but we need some definitive news with a date certain and I dont want the demolition to commence until we know that we're going to immediately begin construction after demolition.

BTW, should the Chamber be involved with city Sq or have been involved?

Paulie's Point of View said...

as a small business owner and resident..citysquare is so far off my radar screen...I think wee will woo woo gets more attention:>)

why do I have to keep my eyes on the citysquare ball Senor Jahn?????? My focus is my own B-Court down here in the Village of Piedmont and my outside interests that effect me...citysquare is not effecting me one bit!

we as a city are getting what comes with putting ones balls all in one basket...one basket gets clogged up and we have nothing...blaming the economy is the in thing right now...but lets face it...this issue is more than just an economy in the dumpahs....it is about poor urban planning overall and going back years not just the last 2-5 years.

Jahn said...

Paulie my intent was to mean that raterh than Philly Cheese Steak plans.......for the moment at least....... we should keep an eye on the ball that we currently have in our court....City Sq.

Dewey raises a good point re: Berkelys being in abstenia from the Business Expo... Wonder if any of our CDC's were there or maybe they advised to please steer clear of thsi event.

Were the folks from The citys office of Econ dev'ment there...............dittos for the chamber......airport folks.....buy Worc Now folks.....??????

Of course we should also keep an eye on your quaint urban Village of Piedmont in anticipation of its ultimate gentrification..a Starbucks where Nissan Thrift Shoppe is........a Starbucks where Dunky currently is.......a Crack(er) Barrel furniture Store in Arties Building..........razing the teh MLK center for need parking.......etc....etc.......

Paulie's Point of View said...

I may be you..we do think alike occasionally

I envision a Golds Gym on the top two floors of the old mill building at Piedmont and Chandler....office space on the second floor and that Starbucks on the firsl level with perhaps a good restaurant