October 06, 2009

Dan Benoit

Jahn, he was the architect who first came up with the idea to put a hole in the Worcester Center. Had to meet him today on some NRSA issues. Great guy and has his own practice on Park Ave. Matter of fact Dan is meeting with the some Southbridge Street property owners tonight for a South Worcester Business Council meeting to discuss the facade program.


Jahn said...

Worc Police dept payroll gate is over a year old.

Still not a peep out of teh concrete bunker at Lincoln Sq.

I tell you, I specualte that this thing is so pervasive and runs so deep that it's an Abyss that will take forever and a day & still not be completely finished.

Great question IM for mayoral candidtes to bob and weave around a la.We canot discuss personnel matters................forget the personnnel...........how much money have the TP'ers been ++++'ed out of.

Maybe Internal affairs has it now and deciding how to spin it?

And where's Joe Early on this??? Ohh he'll prbably farm it out the Plymouth County DA's office where it will die a slow death........let the S.O.L. run out...what is it 6 years???

Paulie's Point of View said...

Senor Jahn...how about sticking to a topic just once to elicit some real adult conversation??

Jahn said...

I quikcky read T&G a 1/2 hour ago.. Seems the PIP resolution will in fact be separate residences out in the "region" & more social service jobs?? Like I said it was an Evelyn Woods reading of the article.

aS bill Wood say...cant make this stuff up word verification: "Rebaking"

Jahn said...

Sorry if that offends you.

I'll talk to my ADHD counselor about it.