October 14, 2009

Dewey Bet

If the deal is not signed by UNUM by the end of the year, you owe me that drink


Fred L. said...

I hear that Unum is looking at building a new structure in Marlborough that would replace the Worcester Center Mall option.

Jahn said...

So now teh T&G reports that with the state buying CSX's rights on the tracks from here to Boston, Worcester is now ready to increase the number of commuter rails trains into Boston and to .

Only one problem though, South Station does not have the track capacity to handle more incoming commuter rail trains.


So CSX knows that until more track capacity is built at South Station there will not be that much more new commuter rail service from Worc to Boston?????.....so their freight trains will not be impacted until it is built?????

This is a classic textbook production engineering problem known as a bottle neck. Think of it as analagous to a funnel. The funnel cannot handle all that is poured into it and as result a classic Bottleneck develops in the upper V- shaped portion of the funnel.

The city of Worc is solving the statewide bottle neck of not enough "affordable housing". We have a reverse bottelneck.. i.e. ....more low income housing capacity than we can fill...so we bring em in from all over the state to fill em up..............witness the May St situation...and Cambridge Hacker sitting 80% vacant now what 3 yrs??....we cant funnel enoungh subsidized tenants (a.k.a. PINS- Peopel In Need Services) into Worcester fast enough.

Would you build City Sq if you were Berkely and you were surveying the current Worc Demographics?

Paulie's Point of View said...

"Would you build City Sq if you were Berkely and you were surveying the current Worc Demographics?"