October 06, 2009

McCarthy Letter to Editor

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In these tough economic times our City Council’s solution is to increase taxes. We are facing a huge budget gap, and the Council is passing on its mismanagement in the form of another tax increase (hotel/motel and meals). And the councilors gave themselves an 84 percent pay increase. Why do they deserve a doubling of their pay? The raise is certainly not merited. This is not a situation in which we should be rewarding council members for a job well done. They should be fiscal watchdogs for their constituents. If elected, I would roll back these pay raises.

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chris said...

I like Bill McCarthy. Had a chance to meet him last week. The City needs a few more councilors like McCarthy. He doesn't seem to be afraid to talk about real issues like how are we going to increase the tax base from it current 15% tax base. He seems to understand that this is hurting residents.

Jahn said...

BIll I just was on Greenwood St and saw the rafters rising on Weden Lane and I also Paquettes mixers on site,too. Woulda stopped if I knew ewe were there. Whats a yard of concrete run now?

Jahn said...

Mr Wm Randell Jr, Sir, you're making my case for why we should not be even considering many of the incumbent councilors?????............and there fore why bother wasting time listening to what they have to say ?????

City is in financila ruins and to use your past words all these guys are worried about is Vendor push carts, 3" knife ordinances, and Snow shovel laws that some of them dont even follow

Anonymous said...

Having had a chance to chat with Bill and others at the gathering at EVO, Bill came across as very pro-small business, too.

Harry T

Paulie's Point of View said...

after speaking with him for five seconds I told him he had absolutely no chance of being elected in WooTown..

T-Traveler said...

his lawn signs need some work

Anonymous said...

met buchalter today, he seems fairly pro-business and like he has a good campaign together. maybe not this election, but he is lined up for another. i defer to the collective wisdom of this group.