October 01, 2009

Verizon Gold League Champs

Sorry been bsuy celebrating our Verizon Monday night golf league championship at Holden Hills for the 3rd time in ten years. Note picture of the banner hanging from my partner's front porch on Grove Street.


signman said...

Do you a permit for this banner??

Bill Randell said...

Permits surely you jest (Jahn would like that)....

Drive around the city on the week-ends and there is all sorts of sign work being performed without permits.

Anonymous said...

A Dynasty in the making, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Randell & Lyons ... 2 golfing machines... what is the team name, the JAHNkees?!?!?!?!

Harry T

Jahn said...

So.........the world needs to know the final scores (strokes).

So todays"s T&G (Oct 2nd) quotes Lou Tenant Governator McFlurry as saying: "IN Mass (Hole-a-chusetts) we are overly reliant on teh movement of freight By truck"...... it seems to me that Mr McFlurry is saying we need to move more freight by rail.........sooooooooooo........I guess some of that would be on combination rail/commuter line into Boston that Mr Murrays has complained about for years as being overly used for freight to the point that it was screwing commuter rail service?

AM I missing something here? We're buying teh rights from CSX to expedite commuter rail service on lines that are already overcrowded and he now seems to be saying indirectly that we need to move more freight by RR.

BTW if Mass is buying those rigths , what did they finally settle re: the CSX liabilty issue on those tracks if a freight train strikes an MBTA commuter train? Of course we have no worry about an MBTA train being at fault.......right??

Jahn said...

OK you wont tell us how many strokes.

Tell us about the plaid pants and striped shirts youse guys wore.

Like Speellane, I too caddied at Tatnuck CC centuries ago......so i know all about having your caddy "adjust" your lie when in the rough.

Now you 2 didnt sandbag the place with your handicaps....now did ya's.

ANdyou didn tinvite Paulie or Harry to the 19th hole celebration?. Geeesssh Paulie wooda run that bar tab right up there on ya.......or does snootty holden not allow Guiness


Bill Randell said...


I also caddied at Tatnuck 2 bag loop and I would get something like 11 bucks for 18 holes with a couple dollar tip and a couple sodas at the turn. Brutally hard work. Worst part is that they would make you show up at 7 and sit around two hours playing pitch waiting for the golfers.

Jahn, no sandbagging. We actually played real well as a team... My caddie upbringing has forced me to respect the game too much.

Jahn said...

$5.50 for doubles here.. plus a $.25 tip from each bag = $6.00 for a cheap loop.

$7.00 for decent loop.

$8.00 was over the top.

If ya lost a ball that got hit 101 miles into teh woods it was alsmot like it was the caddy's fault.

We even had a strike one hot August afternoon.

27 hole somedays.

I still see caddies when passing by Worc Country club on occassion.

Shaggin' balls was another slave labor jobbie.

Caddying for wimmen was twice the work of caddying for men ..11 strkes per hole ...!!!! Women would ask me what club to use.........like WTH does a 14 yr old know about clubbing a women hacker, duffer, divot digger. 5 hrs to play 18