October 22, 2009


Still has not changed hands. Remember they bid $1 for the parcel last January and were to suppose to break ground last Spring. Maybe we should not worry about a parcel like this before we question Wyman Gordon and what they do with their property?


Jahn said...

Bill do I have to drive down there myself to find out where this new road is and is it really new or just re-named for Ms Nadeau and re-paved with Blackstones Bituminous.

Bill did Pharma. win that bid earlier this or was back in early 2008? This seems to be going on now for more than just 9 months?

Bill Randell said...


When I saw last January and last Spring, I mean 2008 not 2009.

As you drive down Gardner Street, you cross Canterbury and then it ends on SouthGate Street.

The road is going to be extended to Armory Street--that section will be named after a Janice Nadeau.