October 19, 2009

Police Contract

It always bugs me when an athlete has a good year and tries to hold out for more money. Honor your contract!!

That is how I feel about the WPD. In the last contract negotiations, the City of Worcester made no stipulation as to what would happen if the Commonwealth of Massachusetts stopped funding their portion of the Quin bill. The City of Worcester needs to honor their contract.

On the other hand, there were other cities and towns in their contract negotiations clearly stipulated that they would not pick up the Commonwealth side of the Quinn bill if the Commonwealth stopped funding it. In those cities and towns, there is no fight since that possibility was covered in their contract.

Obviously this needs to be brought up in the next contract, but as far as not honoring the current contract? How can we not? Better yet, I hope that whoever we used in the last contract negotiations, who made this mistake, is not being used in there negotiations.


Jeff Barnard said...

What should we expect when the person doing the "negotiating" is a city employee, too?

Bill Randell said...

Seriously Jeff who did the negotiating for the City of Worcester with the current police contract?

Did we hire an outside person or did we do it in house?

I don't know. Think we should be looking into this as much as anything else especially when other cities and towns took the removal of State funding of the Quinn in their contract negotiations, while we did not...


PS Can anyone answer this?

Anonymous said...

Jeff's sentiment is correct. What could we expect. It was an in house deal. Everyone knows, the city manager has his hands on everything.

This why it irks me when the council gives rave reviews for the manager. Why didn't anyone question why or how the administration did not plan for a poor economy or the state pulling our of the Quinn commitment? Poor planning not reflected in the managers evaluation however and the council screwed up too for not questioning this at the right time. Really stupid. Who will get screwed next in order to pay for it?

Jahn said...

I THOUGHT o'BRieN fired all the in house labor lawyers when he took office a few years ago??

I am just catching thsi thread now and beeen outta town ...and I here Lvey rantign about city hall & police dept

But Bill, the city is supposed to put in the police contract what they will not pay?????? Am I reading you correctly? Isn't legal language in contracts like this always affirmative. i.e what the city will pay and not what they wont pay?????? We need to see the exact language???

Jahn said...

If I sign a contract to have a deck built it stipulaes the work to be done and money to be paid for doing such work,

It doesnt have language that says I will not pay you (the contractor) to bail your help on Monday if they dont show up.........it diesnt say I wont pay your 'ee who is injured while building my deck.......it doesnt say I wont pay for Louie the Gautamalen to be flown back to his homeland by INS............it only says what I will pay.........

Paulie's Point of View said...

Louie the Honduran:>)