October 27, 2009

D4 highlight

A questionnaire from the audience posed a question to Miss Kelly, as in Grace Kelly....


Jahn said...

Keep Loading up D 4 with more & more registered Mcgovern voters and Worc is really going to be in trouble.

What a great re election ploy. Send Jimmy bucks from Washingnton to Worcester to constr. high density, low income housing and then send the voting recruiters out into the district when it's time re elect Jimmy Mc

I'd be curious to know how many Jimmy bucks he sends to the likes of Fall River for low income housing and how many CDC's Fall River has. We got to disband all these CDC's Worcester has. Cant anyone besdies Mr Chernisky see the damage they are doing to Worcester.

I wonder how many voters & potential voters there are in the flood zone over at May & Silver St at Worc Common Grd's newest low (no pun) income housing venture which has placed 46(?) units of low income housing on about a 1.4 acre site.

Now compare that with parts of the West Side where you need 10,000sq foot lot to build a single family house in which will reside 2voters.

Not to mention all the littel rug rats from thsi project who will also financially flood the Worc public school system. I mean these money issues are 2nd grade math............at what right around $12,ooo per crumb snatcher per year cost to the school system.

BTW, where has our new school super. been? She is back from her July Hiatus?

Bill Randell said...


You, Brendan, Gary and the candidates did a great job, great press coverage, etc.

Just a little disappointed in the lack of interest from the voters of D4.

Next time, as Gary recommended, we need to have the debate in the City Council Chambers with TV coverage or on air with one of the local radio shows.



Anonymous said...

Bill...that or put a sign outside of the debate that states "FREE DONUTS" ... u would pack the joint instantly !!!!

Harry T

Anonymous said...

Maybe if you guys did some advertising the days prior...
blame yourself not the voters.

Paulie's Point of View said...

don't blame the 83% of the votahs that are not expected to vote next week....naw, we wouldn't do that Anonymous

who has been showing to all of the debates is representative of who is voting....13% expected!

Belly rub the 83% Anonymous...WooTown is good at this:>)

Paulie's Point of View said...

the thing is for all the work the D4 activists do they still can't get the neighborhood residents involved.....same residents who get free housing, free food, free educations for their kid's, free health, free transportation, free legal.....give almost nothing back!