October 20, 2009

Kudos to Rosen

Great question on the sale of the airport.

The airport is transferred whether there is an agreement in place on June 30th of 2010. On our side handling the negotiations City Mgr, the Assistant City Mgr, Tom Z and David Moore with help from IMG. Come again??

The same guys who charged us 100,000 of thousands of dollars for a report and successfully recruited one airline are advising us at to how to structure the deal with MassPort??? In fact these guys even advised us in their recommendation not to put the airport out to bid and sell to MassPort..

Let me ask you this, lets assume IMG beats the hell out of MassPort during their negotiations, do you think MassPort would want to hire them? Wasn't an old head of MassPort work at IMG???

I am glad that the City of Worcester is out of the airport business. MassPort will be a huge improvement but I don't like the way this is being done and question whether or not the tax-payers will get the highest return for this asset.


Jahn said...

Speaking of pols ( & retired Pols), I was in the JahnMobile about 5:15 tonight and happene dto catch Levy and Gemme for about 20 mins. The only thing they were talking about were crime stats.......comparing other Mass small cities.

Did Gemme/levy discuss this foolish communication coming out of WPD yesterday afternoon? Did they take any calls. Did Levy question Gemme with puffball questions. WTH......what +'ing joke...!!!!!!

Can we vote Levy off the island on Nov 3rd. This guy is the lamest excuse for a call in talk show host I have ever heard. Levy & the The Levy Line = Bovine Fecal matter 24/7. He sucks up to all his guests except for Konnie. He must work for free for WTAG radio. His skills as a radio personality are not worth 7 knobs of goat goop.

Anonymous said...

Good point, Bill ... I was flipping between the baseball game and the city council meeting and caught the exchange between Rosen and O'Brien...

Harry T

Bill Randell said...


I disagree. These are good smart people, but I question how much they know about the valuation of an airport like ORH.

Believe me I think we hire way too many consultants, but in this case I whole heartedly agree. But IMG? We spent alot of monies on them already and for what exactly? Now if Buckingham still works for IMG-- I just don't know.

Lets bring in someone else other then IMG.


Jahn said...

What's Zidleis got to do with this Massport thingie. He's the beancounter.....right?

MOB and Moore I can understand.

Bill so we're going to hand off the ORH ball to Massport by a date certain and we dont know what we're getting for it? Please tell me I am not properly understanding this sitaution?????? Can you say Bass Ackwards

Where exactly is this special new road for S. Worc Industrial Park ....it is a new road right??.......or is it a renamed existing street?

We can build a new road(?) for a non existent Industrial park but we cannot build a new road for an existing airport thats been around for 60+ yrs? Can you say Bass Ackwards

We can relaese $25M to a commercail Real estate dev'er before they even turn over one shovel full of dirt for a new building but we cant manintain the existing municipal infrastructure that we curently own?. CAn you say Bass Ackwards.

We issue press releases detailing new media "policies" and then do a complete 180 degree about face in less than 24 re: the "new". Can You say Bass Ackwards?

We got a shortage of uniformed officers on the street and we got these same uniforms sitting behind desks doing clerical work? Can You say Bass Ackwards?

I am almost with Wormie come Nov 3rd. I am going to vote for probably 1 or 2 incumbents. Probably one new comer. That's it. Someone please tell me why I should rehire any of the remaining 9 incumbents? ANd Havana Jim McGovern (per T&G and/or Womag) wants me to believe that JOB isnt his hand picked mayoral candidate? How stupid does he think the voters are with a comment like that?

David Z. said...


I agree with you about Jordan Levy just sucking up to most if not all of his guests but I wouldn't wish for him to be "voted off the island".

Clear Channel owns WTAG and at least we still have a local show in PM drive. The same company owns stations in Springfield and Providence. Their stations in those cities aren't even local anymore beyond morning drive. Look what they have already done to the WTAG news department?

Be careful what you wish for.

Jahn said...

David, glad see to you're back ...LTNS....not only back but at least partially in agreement with me [g]. Whats next...we going to agree re: having FF'ers fixing sidewalks & patching streets during their downtime. Sorry, you know me, I just cant resist.

The issue is Jordan as a talk show host and not the host/programming being local vs syndicated (or non local). Booting Jordan and still keeping it local shouldnt be a problem and I agree I like the afternoon drive idea being local How about Konnie b/c if she gets booted as Mayor she'll have more free time.

BTW, when I am near a radio I do Howie & Bluto and rarely do Jordan unless I know ther's a hot button issue out there...........but then the guy gets the parties on the air and just completley blows it as far as getting some hard questions & answers.

Sorry, but IMO Jordan likes to listen to himself talk...been that way since 1976 when he 1st starting yapping about re-valuation and got himself re-invented from a womens clothing line of work to a politico and then to made member of a local clan and then to getting & then into the nail business only to be hammered out of it by a flooded.

Time to put the final nail in his dead talk shows coffin.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Looks like the summer hiatus has got Jahn's creative juices flowing...

Harry T

Jahn said...

Halloween is coming Harry. Whaddaya say you & I do Paulie's place on Halloween. He says he got a dungeon in the cellar.

Please add to my list of Bass Ackwards happenmings in Worc.............a new Common skating rink cant be erected and simultaneously install the equipment nec. to freeeze the ice?

Does Worc have a few witches that can sit topless in the rink and freeze the water for a mere candy bar?