October 05, 2009

Worcester Telegram

Now $1. Although it says 75 cents on the newspaper, it actually should cost $1.00 retail. Make the newspaper smaller, cut content and raise price 33%?


Jeff Barnard said...

Eh? They're upping the cover price? When did that happen?

Bill Randell said...


Maybe I am wrong. I need to check this but the girl, who picked up the check to pay for last week's sold Telegrams told me the new price is a dollar?

I will call the Telegram and let you know.


Bill Randell said...


I confirmed it the retail price will be a dollar starting tomorrow. Home delivery remains the same.


JSF said...

Is the Telegram taking sales strategy lessons form the Department of Revenue?

(Note Today's WBJ Headline: State Tax Collections down 16% in September)

Bill Randell said...

The scariest thing is the lady told me that I should scratch the .75 off today's paper and charge $1.00???

Seriously I think I heard this rumor, but did anyone know it was kicking in this fast?