October 08, 2009

9 May Street Variance

Just read it Book 40544 Page 48. Although there are 46 one, two and three bedroom units that would require at least 100 parking spots (not sure of the break-out), a variance was granted with only 32 parking spaces -- .695 cars per unit (which I do not even think they have). What was the reason given?

Additional units of affordable housing are needed in the area and the City of Worcester. The neighborhood will benefit from the development of this parcel because the property is often used for illegal activities, and therefore has become a source of insecurity for abutting neighbors and area in general. There is adequate on-street parking for which there is little demand from abutting parcels.

Say what?

1) Additional affordable units are need in the area and the City of Worcester?
2) The neighborhood will have less illegal activities with this development?
3) This one amazes me-- there is adequate on-street parking for which there is little demand from abutting parcels?


Jeff Barnard said...

That's a demonstration of the "If they say it, it must be true" school of governance.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Bill, we have to add another Worcester business to your list...



Harry T

Anonymous said...

I just stopped by and counter 18 total parking spots??

The Ark said...

Aren't 2 parking spaces per unit required or is it less than that when have a huge block of apts like this?

Try meeting the off street parking req'mts for a small granfathered lot and then go before the ZBA for a very small variance and watch the fallout from abutters...meanwhile everyone else in the neighborhood parks on the street.

Konnie says it's looking like a million $$$$$$$ to fix thsi problem. This cannot be right. I think what she means is it will cost Milion $$$$$$ if the city under takes separating the storm drain lines and the sewer linees in the area.

Imagine a private developer asking for thsi kind of tax payer welfare in addition to all the other freebies Worc CG has rec'd gratis.

Imagine it WCG has to pay the million...!!!!! divided by 46 apts means the average cost per apt will go up by anoterh $20,000 and then will be up to how much ...Bill..???????...

and also how much on a per sq ft basis. For what these non profits dev'ers spend for a unit of housing one could buyy a house on Whisper Drive right next to certain retired pol turned radio talking head..who just coincidentally was flooded out of his business .....but the flood was for a diff reason and it was nice clean "natural water"......he choose to locate in a flood plain........like i said .....with actions like these from some of worc's ex pols is it any wonder Worc will be flooded in red ink receivership in 2013???

The Ark said...

I'd also be intreested to know Troi's history.........from Boston?????...shot twice in the back on neck or head and paralyzed for life......tragic for sure.......but what would Pual Harvey say.......Where's ther rest of the story?

Paulie's Point of View said...

there is additional parking on the side