October 08, 2009

Planned Parenthood

What do you guys think of the design of this building?


Paulie's Point of View said...

seems to be only construction going on in the city...ugly

Anonymous said...

Something NOT funny from me, for a change...

Help us STOP Mandatory Vaccinations & Senate Bill s2028 in Massachusetts !!!!



Harry T

Frank Lloyd Wright said...

Design looks morbid to me. Almost bunker-like

Either the Taliiiiiban IS GOING TO be holed up there or they're expecting to be hit by Bunker Busters, Patriot Missles, & flame throwers.

If this was anyone elses building here, the 'hood would be up in arms about the look of the structure. That being said NO ONE CAN CONTRol another's choices in arch. design. Witness the Pillsbury Doughboy Mayor pi++ing and moaning a few years ago about a house built on Pleasant in the last real estate bust out. The garage faces Plaseant St and the front of the "architectural" front of teh house faces the side lot line and the Pillsbury Dough boy didnt like it. Tough cookies....nuttin he can do about it and you CANNOT use a local zoning ordinace to control building design and he of all people should know that..being a lawyer (of sorts). Cant make it suing St Gobain........then run for office....right????

But let step back a minute ....almost across the street we have the 14 story Pleasant Towers elderly High rise.........frankly it just as much, if knot Moore, outtta place.....right?????

Sprout said...

Looks like it was designed for easy car bomb access. Sorry Signman...!

Sprout said...

This building just gets uglier and uglier. No design, no architecture. Bleh. I was hoping to be pleasantly surprised at the end, now not so much.