October 15, 2009

Council Pursues Public Sale of Surplus Property

Story in Telegram, click here. Could not agree more. In the past (2002 and 2003) the City of Worcester, when real estate was at a premium sold the following properties to the Main South CDC:

  1. 1 Hollis St (Bk 27314 pg 329)
  2. 196 Beacon St (BBk 30709 pg 148)
  3. 194 Beacon St (Bk 30709 pg 142)
  4. 190 Beacon St (Bk 30709 pg 137)
  5. 25 Hollis St (BK 30709 pg 131)
  6. 11 Gardner St (Bk 30709 pg 125)
  7. 19 Kilby St (Bk 30709 pg 118)

Total Sale price $6,410. Now that was not the average sale price but the grand total sale price for 7 buildable parcels.


signman said...


Not to mention that they get building permits, water and sewer hook-ups waived or discounted sidewalks done on the city's dime as well, where a developer would have paid these. While things were hot they should sell for top dollar. If they are not moving..then I can see selling them at a discounted rate... what was that other property for a dollar?? That a business man offered $50,000.00 and would have developed already?

Bill Randell said...

two properties of similar size on Gardner and Kilby sold for 50,000 each.

Hop Sings Laundry said...

My position is that many of these sewer/water hook up fees that are waived have been waived illegally.

A number of years ago the council basically gave non profits a carte blanche for waiving these fees.....basically ask and you shall receive a waiver.

HOWEVER, prior to the council enacting this "waiver" legislation, the CDC's were going to a certain city dept that I shall not mention and asking that the fees be waived, abated, "grandfathered", or otherwise "excused".

This certain city dept ILLEGALLY acquiesced. The law says the certain city dept(s) shall collect such fees upon application to tie into the city water/sewer infrastructure..........HOWEVER NO WAY IN HELL does it give any city dept(s) the authority to give anyone a "pass" on the fee. Other city dept(s) have turned a blind eye to these actions.

I suggest that in the future the city may be on the rec'ing end of a suit from many dev'ers re these feees. I have been told in certain other locales in the state develper(s) are going after these fees as wrong and in violation of city and state law, b/c basiaclly they are charging dev'ers for the future upkeep of the entire sewer/water infrastructure system, which costs s/b be spread amongst all users of this infrastructure.

So....stay tuned

Also I'd be curious to see where all this money has been spent since 1987 when it was 330$ per bedroom to tie into sewer lines...it's now $1320......only a mere quadrupling of the fee over 20years.

Wonder what ever happened with that lady on Grafton St (?) who had issues with teh sewer hook up feees for her new and /or expanded Lawn-Dro-Mat. Talk about being taken to the cleaners. Can you say Cleanie, Pressie, Alterations [g] $.99 per shirt

signman said...


The property on Canterbury St that was sold for a buck... still not developed... the business owner across the street wanted it for $50.000.00 to develop for his business....Would have been back on the tax roll...