October 29, 2009

Sale of ORH

How many times did I say we should put the entire airport out to bid??

How many times did Councilor Rosen ask the same question??

Well here you go, Great piece with the Worcester Business Journal. The key line being

The city should not expect to make any money on the sale of Worcester Airport to Massport. In fact, the city may find itself putting any proceeds from the sale of the airport right back into the airport's operating budget, according to Ed Freni, Massport's director of aviation.

Freni spoke this morning during a panel discussion entitled Getting from Here to There: The Central Mass Transportation Network put on by the Worcester Regional Research Bureau. The city currently owns the airport and pays about 20 percent of its operating deficit with Massport paying the rest.

Freni said if Massport were to buy the facility, any profits gained by the city in the sale "would be placed back into the airport. Any funds paid to Worcester in the sale would be applied to the operations of the airport." He said the city and Massport could arrange a profit sharing partnership subsequent to the sale.

What push back do we have?? None!! We never tried to find another buyer to compete against MassPort so now we are really at their mercy.


Anonymous said...


I hate to say we told them so, BUT ... we told them so !!!!

Harry T

Jahn said...

Another classic case of the city being behind the 8 ball b/c we took Washington money to build an unneeded new terminal....resulting in somewhere around a $15-$20M(?) current outstanding nut.

If we never build the new terminal and therefore never borrowed $$$$, could we probably run the place at break even. Did Mc govern get us this money or did Bluto?

Wait until the nut comes due to educate and provide social services for all the PINS that will be moving into Worc as the onslaught of low income housing construction continues to flood Worcester.

Anyone wanna make an educated guess if these PINS take their voting ques from the likes ACORN or from teh Republican Nat'l Party?

David Z. said...

Ed Warnick President of Direct Air was on with Jordan Levy right after the 5 p.m. news. He hinted that another Florida destination is close to being announced. He went on to say that it would be on Florida’s east coast tied in with a cruise line port destination..

He also said he can’t wait to see more airlines at the airport which he believes will happen once MassPort takes over Worcester Airport.

Paulie's Point of View said...

I think Senor Jahn is Dick Chervinskey

Anonymous said...

Worcester had their chance over the past several decades. In the early 90's, one of the largest shipping companies wanted to build a freight facility there. They were willing to build a new terminal, lengthen the runways (for large freight a/c) upgrade the ILS, build a new passenger terminal, upgrade emergency equipment, etc. The catch? They asked the city to agree to the access road (which the company would fund) The city/airport manager said "no". That ended that. Had they agreed, I cant imagine what ORH would be today. Runways to accomodate any aircraft, state of the art facilties and equipment and millions coming into the city.

Jahn said...

Paulie please..!!!!!!.........THWACK.....Iam not Mr Chrenisky.

Anonymous please, who was that (air?) freight carrier? Was it Euro Amer freight......as I think (?) they were smaller, more regional carrier. Are they still around? Had to have been Fed Ex, UPS, DLH (gone), Airbourne(gone?). Was Railway Express Agency still around back then. I dont think so

$7.5M for the Canal district and the first thing I read about is sidwalks & street improvemnts. Meanwhile I cannot navigate the steerts & sidewalsk in my hood and teh people have been trying for years to get these things fixed. How would you feel if you lived on a pavement and sidewalk challenged street for years and your requests fall on deaf ears unless a city councilor or DPW bigwig lives on your street....yet the Banal District gets $7.5 large from Havana Jim.

Does anyone find it odd there are codified laws, rules, & regulations that stipluate minimal requirements for construction and overall conditions & upkeep for structures, but no such laws for transportation infrastructure as it pertains to street & walkway conditions......not even around schools. But hey at least deteriorated sidewalks keep the police & firemen busy with medical emergency calls when they should be fighting fires (or sleeping) or responding to complaints (or donut'ing) Just kidding.

Paulie, are you giving out P nut butter cups? Maybee I'll stop by. I wanna meet buddy. What do they give out at 224? LSD laced apples? Ooops I forget, Timothy Leary's dead.

Anonymous said...

The company was UPS. Postal also wanted to build a distribution facility there with air service, however, they were also told "no". That led to the birth of the Shrewsbury facility.

Jahn said...

Anonymous, you're saying this lead to the birth of the Shrewsbury facilty.....meaning the post office facility (and not the Shrewsbury UPS facility?) RIGHT??

Anonymous said...



Check this article out, then see my comments after...

JetBlue to increase Boston flights by 30 percent
NEW YORK -- JetBlue said Thursday it will boost its service from Boston Logan by 30 percent by next summer, as bigger carriers pull back and competition from rival Southwest heats up.

JetBlue, based in Forest Hills, N.Y., plans to offer up to 78 daily flights from Boston to 33 destinations.

That includes two more flights to Chicago and Raleigh Durham, N.C., for a total of three daily flights each. JetBlue will also add flights from Boston to San Francisco, San Diego, Washington and spots in the Caribbean.

JetBlue currently serves more cities out of Boston than any other airline.

On Wednesday, US Airways said it would reshuffle routes, including reducing Boston flights from its current 80 per day. That includes trimming flying from Boston to the Caribbean to just one or two flights a day starting in May, down from five per day. US Airways, based in Tempe, Ariz., will also put a smaller plane on its Boston-LaGuardia shuttle because the 124-seat plane on that route now has been running less than half full.

Southwest Airlines, based in Dallas, started flying out of Logan in August. Earlier this month Southwest said it would add two more nonstops from there to Baltimore next spring. Lead scheduler Bill Owen said Southwest will also increase Saturday flights to and from vacation destinations in the spring, aiming for leisure travelers.

Vacationers are core to JetBlue's business, which flies to a number of spots in Florida and the Caribbean. Leisure travel has remained fairly strong in recent months, as fare sales lured more customers.

(Copyright 2009 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

OK...so let me get this straight... Jet Blue is feeling the pressure from Southwest in the Boston market so they are adding flights in Boston ?!?!?!?!?!?!? HELLO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You play to win the game !!!!! (sorry, I was possessed by the spirit of Herm Edwards there for a moment)
Jet Blue is surrounded by Southwest in the Boston market... Providence, Manchester and Boston .... plot tt out on a map and what is the exact geographic center between Providence and Manchester?!?!?!?!?! F'n Worcester !!!!! Where the Frig is Massport on this?!?!?!?!? Start adding flights out of Worcester... you now take Southwest's geographic advantage away because you will pull travellers from Manchester and Providence !!!!!!


I need a drink... too bad ORH doesn't have a bar anymore...

Harry T

Anonymous said...

Yes, the postal facility. They were interested in putting the distribution center on airport land and utlizing the airport, however, they were denied. This was some time ago, however, it eventually led to the Shrewsbury USPS faciity.

Anonymous said...

3 JetBlue from ORH destinations that would be at 80% capacity or above on EVERY flight...

ORH ---> JFK / New York
ORH ---> O' Hare /Chicago
ORH ---> San Juan Puerto Rico

JFK ...gateway to the world (Europe, Canada, Latin America, etc)

O'Hare ...gateway to the West

San Juan...Jeez, Paulie alone could stuff the remnants of 224 Chandler street on a one way ticket!!!

Another opportunity lost!

Harry T

Paulie's Point of View said...

you guys don't get it..no one is thinking about WooTown in Boston

Jahn said...

Did I hear on the radio the other day that Air America was leaving Logan? Not sure excatly what it was...... b/c I was checking out a gal crossing the streeet in front me of at the intersextion.

The perfect storm tonight. Halloween on a Saturday night. And we have to place extra cops up on College hill tonight while the kids egg my house. Should HC have to pay for these "details"?

Should I wax Paulies windows and TP his caaaaah?