October 05, 2009

Target Out of Town Landlords


Did Councilor Toomey really say that?



Jahn said...

Thats my recollection of what she said.......Absentee out of town LL's.

I hear she does read local blogs.......maybe she can expand on what she said.......translation: she'll back away from it when "cornered " on an issue.
She's like Levy....when confronted on something that he says he immdialately starts back pedaling
Folks for Mayor we have Ms Toomey who is bot & paid for by the teachers and educational establishemnt and we have Joe O Brein.........a Mc governite ....the same mc govern who gave us Deval .the same Mc Govern who voted agsinst de funding ACORN..teh Same Mcgovern who gave us our 14% low income housing in worc.

....isnt Konnie almost a no brainer of a choice?

Jahn said...

CAll Bluto or Stoltz and ask them if she said it.......there's got to be a tape of it??

Bill Randell said...


I like Kate but if she said that how would you feel if you were Berkeley or Saint Gobain--never mind me.

Business friendly to me means that you are friendly to all businesses not only Worcester owned businesses.


Jahn said...

hOW DOES one RECONCILE being in bed with the teachers and school dept and being for the lowest resiedential tax rate (= the highest comm. tax rate)..........and then saying she's for revenue enhancement via business growth

Sorry, but the logic puzzles me.......and I have been told shes a raterh intelligent person too??? go figure...........somethigns just do not add up?
You and paulie wanna be mushrooms....thats OK with me.....but I'll will not be fed cow manure and kept in the dark..you both s/b more street smart.....i am surprised...esp for a Winter Hill boy and a St Johns boy .......me, I am a public ....i have an excuse for any shortcomings

Its kinda like the fire dept being 100% behind public safety.............yet they wont get off their collective gluteous maximuses ( maximi?) and shovel city sidewalks.translation : fire dept is 100% behind public safety as long noone dares touch the holy grail of chillin at fire barn most of the day/night.

Where's Dewey when i need him to answer my questions??? Surely he aint asleep on the job out in Hopkinton or Westboro?? [g]

Anonymous said...

LOL ... Jahn can't resist bringing the FD into it...

Classic Jahn!

Harry T

Anonymous said...

Jahn/Bill ... what about Massport personnel at ORH? :D

Allegiant Air September traffic jumps 46.1 pct
Allegiant Air traffic jumps 46.1 pct in Sept., helped by a leisure travelers in smaller cities

On Monday October 5, 2009, 12:32 pm EDT

LAS VEGAS (AP) -- Allegiant Air LLC, which focuses on leisure travelers, said Monday its September traffic jumped 46.1 percent systemwide.

The company, a unit of Allegiant Travel Co., said paying passengers flew 292.2 million miles in September, a gain from 200 million a year earlier.

Its capacity soared 50.2 percent in September from a year ago. Carriers can raise capacity in a number of ways, including adding flights or using larger planes on higher-trafficked routes.

The percentage of seats filled, or load factor, fell by 2.4 percentage points to 85.2 percent.

Excluding the company's charter service, Allegiant said traffic jumped 59.6 percent.

Harry T

Paulie's Point of View said...

an out of town company Harry..who needs Allegient

I could not have been more welcomed in Harwich this weekend..head of Board of Selectman tracked down me and my staff at Andale Cafe last night to thanks us and to ask if we were happy...also if we would be interested in doing more in Harwich...like I stated on mi own blog...some get it and some do not...

BTW Senor Jahn..I am not a stooge for anyone and I do not care for your insinuation that I am:>)....other than a militay coup I am forced to work/co-exist with what is available in WooTown....knocking folks non-stop without making an attempt to bring change/be involved is not my style-I leave this to you:>).

Bill Randell said...

I love you Jahn, but I am 100% behind Paulie on this one... You make it sound like we did something bad by inviting elected officials and candidates to have a drink with us???

I thought it was a great way to meet them and have some great discussions...

Paulie's Point of View said...

what we get is a seat at the table Senor Jahn and even if we are in the minority we have a chance to change opinion/way of doing things....

Jahn said...

Look, both of you guys. First I didnt call you a stooge, Paulie. I said I cnat understand your logic in hosting/listening to some of theese incumbents.

IMO you should not even be listening to what most of the incumbents are saying. These people are the problem. Plus they are going to play to what you wnat to hear..and then Kate Toomey on Bluto yesterday (10-06) takes a swipe at what she calls out of town, absentee landlords.

But hey if you want to listen to baloney and 1/2 truths.....please be my guest. Again IMO you're wastign your time. Kate Toomey represents the educational establishment and that"s it. Jo O 'brien is a hand picked McGovernite candidtate. Both Kate & Joe represent everything that is wrong with Worcester.

What's the defintionon of insanity...........doing ( voting) the same thing (way) and expecxting diff. results.

Again, what appears to be your naivete puzzles me, b/c I really dont think either of you guys are naive.

At some point one has to cut ties with teh current establishment and bring in new blood. Right now is one of those times..esp given the finacail constraints the city is going to be up against in the coming few( I hope) years.

So....Kate can we privatize the school custodial dept to save the schools & the TP'ers some dinero....ditto for cafeteria services/workers? BTW I also beleive Kate has voluterred mucho time to the schools before getting into politics.............but at some point it's time change "Hope & Change" right???

Jahn said...

And Pualie, sorry but your seat at teh table will bring you crumbs, if anything at all.

Too many of our leaders exist only to please city labor, b.c w/o city labor is almos timpossible to get elcted in Berkely City.

Soooo................Sept has come and gone...........i missed Obrien on WTAG this morning. Did he have anything to say as re City Sq....The lawyers for Unum sounded a bit les optimistic re the time frame than did the city folks in the T&G article last weeek. But if it's coming I am patient................but It will not do much to change the downtown...........I was here in 1967 when Worc Center was going be our Reniassance....dittos for Medicla city...dittos for mass school of pharmacy..and dittos for other smaller projects in the interim years.........bricks & mortar do not a city make......

You aint going to get women shoppers to that downtown......the men it doesnt matter b/c women make about 95% of the purchasing decisons.....and that's excluding shoes [g]

David Z. said...

Jahn said, "dittos for Medical city...dittos for mass school of pharmacy..and dittos for other smaller projects in the interim years.........bricks & mortar do not a city make......"

But just imagine what our downtown would look like if these projects did not come to fruition?

And the CitySqaure ground breaking will be announced next week!

Jahn said...

David IMo downtown is not really all that affected by Med City. For most a visit to med city is a hop, skip, and a jump off of 290 and back on again.

I wasnt reaLly thnking about going shopping last May after having my insides explored by the latest Hi tech medical devices at Med City. God I wasnt even thinking about the pretty nurse either :(.

I will agre with you on Mass. Collage of Drugs.

Groundbreaking........mmmmmm............in Woirc you need permits before you can "excavate" .Do they have permits and if so for what? Are city officials going to dig into the ground in voilation of the zoning ordinace ( i.e No permits). Lets hope they dont create a slope of more than 8% which would then also require planning Board Approval

Please keep in mind it's GB "ceremony" ONLY. It's Kind alike Jahns Baptism......no one knows WTH the finished product is going to end up being.

I wanna see lotsa yellow heavy equipment on site before I start having Berkley-Gasms over City Sq.